HELLO! Welcome to paintstory, where you can read my blog, my fourkoma style comics or my story Runekeepers. To make things a bit clearer, let me explain what is going on here.


My blog can be found running on the bottom half of the home page or by clicking on the “blog” category in the right hand sidebar. This is where I write my thoughts on life, tell about what I’m up to, and leave updates about the comics running on this site. I hope you’ll give it a read some time.


These are the (confusing?) comics you may see from time to time that are made up of two vertical comics side by side. These are based on the japanese style “4koma” or four-panel comics. These comics usually have me and my friends and family in them and are not really related to anything, just random thoughts I find amusing. These should be read vertically and (usually) the two comics are not related to each other. Sorry if that’s confusing to adjust to. These comics update sporadically, whenever I feel like it.


My first “real” attempt at a narrative comic, this is a fantasy story that is updating weekly on Fridays. More about the plot can be found under the “about” page on the top menu. Runekeepers and my 4koma comics are UNRELATED and should not be read as the same characters. Sorry if that confuses anyone. The first page of Runekeepers can be found HERE.

Now that you (hopefully) now whats going on, feel free to explore!