Hey there! So pretty much if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a girl and a Christian one at that! *gasp!* I like anime and manga, art, music and other stuff that is listed somewhere around here….Anyways right now I am focusing on three things: God, Art and getting to Japan. So this blog will pretty much chronicle what goes on while I go on this adventure.Lets pretend I put a picture of myself in here.

My new comic Runekeepers is being uploaded and I will update weekly on FRIDAYS. The other comic that I write (the four panel goofy ones with the lazy drawings) will also be running here although somewhat less frequently. If you just want to read my thoughts, scroll to the bottom of the front page to see my most recent blog posts or click on the blog tag on the right-hand side of the screen. I hope whatever you are here for, you end up finding something you like. 🙂

RUNEKEEPERS! Hello! I realized that there might be a bit of confusion here for newer readers. The four panel vertical comics at the beginning of the site are just goofy things I write once in awhile about my life, therefore the “plot” usually involves me and my friends. These are the characters you’ll find under the characters page. Runekeepers is a narrative comic I am re-writing based off something I did in middle school and while the characters may look similar they are not the same people. The original comic actually was a story involving me and my four best friends but the story you are reading now is not about me and in no way should you read it like it is. So sorry for any confusion I hope you enjoy whatever you end up reading, I’ll be reorganizing the links soon so its a bit easier to navigate but until then you can find the beginning of Runekeepers HERE.