Hello my readers! I finally got my drawing tablet and I have some exciting news for you! VERY VERY SOON a REAL STORYLINE COMIC will be taking place here. I’ll still be uploading my hiliarious four panel comics randomly but most of the time the site will be following a brand new comic with a plotline and everything! So. You only have to wait a little bit longer before real pictures start coming back! I’ve done all my basic character sketches and I’m working on a cover page RIGHT NOW. So. soon my lovelies. Please bear with me a little bit longer.

IN THE MEAN TIME! I have been totally freaking out about teen titans again. I will always love Teen Titans and it will always be my favorite tv show ever. If you want to check out a RobXStar fanfic I’ve been writing you can head over HERE and if you just want to pester me don’t forget there is a fan page for paintstory.net on FACEBOOK. look us up.

ALSO here is a bonus picture that I finished recently and you can look at