HELLO MY DEAR READERS! It is now the end of September and you are probably thinking, “THAT BUM WILL NEVER UPDATE HER COMIC!” and to that I say, “NO! I HAVE JUST BEEN BUSY!” So yes. These are the reasons I have not made any comics:
1) I got my first web design job over the summer which was a little time consuming
2) I was stupid and decided to make three costumes for NDK all about a month before the con.
I am awaiting the rest of my stuff to catch up with me including my drawing tablet so I can actually draw comics for you. I tried drawing one and just scanning it but it was very hard to read and so I decided to just wait until my drawing tablet got here which should be sometime this week. SO. The good news for you folks is that I am going to be seriously working on my comic this year so I am actually going to establish a schedule and update at least once a week. so. Please be a little more patient with me and if you have time go look us up on FACEBOOK and like us. Paintstory.net. (I say us but there is really only one person here tee hee hee)